Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Straight From The Mouths Of Women In BlackWhiteConnections,What Women Expect Of Men

I posed the question on my facebook status and here's the results,straight from the mouths of some of the women that make up BlackWhiteConnections. Guys here's your chance to pay attention and get some insight into what our beautiful black queens are wanting and expecting from us,so PAY ATTENTION!!!!
shenikwa says: Be for real. Be yourself even if that means she won't like you.
Elizabeth  says: If you like what you see be assertive and approach. Stop being scared we'll bite
Bianca  says: Be loving, caring, hella fun, sensitive, and understanding
Akila  says: I expect ACTIVE LISTENING...loyalty...not too much jealousy & at the same time make me feel attractive...positive reciprocity! Romance,excitement,open mindedness,sweet and kind ,patience too
Tina says: sweet,kind,loyal,romantic,fun to be around,and a great listener to when we have problems. The most important one of all is respect,always gotta be respectful
Alexis  says: I expect you to live the Golden Rule in reference to the life you lead. I hope we can debate about issues that hold special significance to each of us but agree to disagree when the time is right. Don't be some iceberg I have to climb and ...crack open. Please know how to kiss without tongue and with. Be okay with PDA's within reason. Be willing to share you interests like I'll share mine with you, don't leave it to me to come up with ideas on activities we can do together all the time. Nothing is more boring than two people staring at each other and asking "What do you want to do?" 
Kenda says: First off we want respect then loyalty...honesty...communication...and trust....but most of all we want love...pure, true, real, unconditional love...if there is love all of the things above will fall n2 place...we dont want a man that claims to love us but doesn show it...or a man that disrespects women by calling them bitches or hoes etc 
Ajiri The Leader Of BlackWhiteConnections Africa says: Real Men, not afraid to be who they are.Thats the beauty of the world variety, someone out there is looking for that special and unique trait or personality 

If you look here you'll start to see some common elements;respect,being yourself,know what you want and being assertive,honesty and communication are all common things basically all of the ladies told us they expect from men. So guys if you're trying to be someone you truly aren't STOP!!!! Be yourself and just relax. Remember you're not getting married to these women tomorrow and it takes a bit of time to open up completely and get to know each other intimately.
If you just genuinely be yourself you won't come off as fake or trying too hard and the women will pick up on that this is the REAL YOU and they will be able to better decide if they like you or not and if they are interested in getting to know you better. With this being said remember that you aren't wanting to get someone under false pretenses but who you actually are and what you're REALLY looking for. Trust and believe that WHATEVER that may be there's plenty of women out there that are looking for the same thing.
The key is being yourself,knowing your strengths and weaknesses,highlighting your strengths and doing your best to stay away from your weaknesses(while you work on them to strengthen them),then being assertive and straight forward.
People HATE to have their time wasted. Men and Women alike. So don't waste your time or anyone elses. Tell that beautiful woman you're interested in exactly what you're looking for and want to see happen. I guarantee that NO MATTER WHAT that may be they will respect you a lot more for being open and honest,than trying to play games and hide things.
I hope this blesses all of you and that those that needed some insight in these areas gained what they needed. If any of you have comments or questions that have to deal with this topic please make sure you add them so we all can share


Anonymous said...

Good advice. Will you be doing what men expect from women? It'd be a great balance to this post.

Bella Donna said...

I agree. I'd like to hear what the fellas have to say :0)